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Common Lease-End Charge Excess wear and use (차량 내외부 손상에 대해 지불해야하는 금액) Disposition Fee (리스리턴시 지불해야하는 금액 – 계약서에 명시) Excess mileage (계약시 마일리지보다 초과된 경우 지불해야하는 금액) Any past due and unpaid monthly payments (밀린 페이먼트나 연체료) Any

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Happy Clients

Daniel was extremely helpful! I honestly didn't know if I'd get approved because of my bad credit, but he looked everywhere until he found someone that would! ..............(Cargurus)

Nicole Hall

Daniel is incredible! I shopped around for weeks. This was the best deal on a reliable Prius I found by far. He was incredibly kind and easy to work with. He delivered the car to me, and helped me with all the paperwork to get everything mailed to me so I didn't even have to go to the DMV. Even threw in an oil change and car wash the night time I need it. Great experience!..............(Cargurus)


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